Saturday, February 14, 2009

St. Valentine

Today I feel such a strong strong pull in my chest. My stomach is fluttering and my knees are weak. But why? What am I called towards? Was it somehow the anticipation of the Baptists who just came to my door telling me that I am going to hell unless I tell Jesus that I'm a sinner and accept him into my heart? That was odd, let me tell you. The Jehovah's witnesses were easier to stomach back in Connecticut. But I didn't want to argue with them. I told them as much that I could lay out why I believe what I believe, but they wouldn't hear any of what I told them. They prayed for my soul. I prayed for theirs.

In the end we're all going to heaven anyway. At least I think so. We create hell for ourselves here. We place too many limits on God, with a narrow mindedness. For all things and all arguments of Bible verse I could counter now. But why butt heads? I just smiled took their pamphlet and let them go on. They really didn't want to let me go.

So anyway... It feels like theres so much potential in the air today! Something big is happening. What is it?! Am I blinded by my own rationalism? - looking to see something grander that what is right before me...


EDIT: Apartment complex = wholesale soul saving opportunity. More souls saved per minute than even suburbia can offer!

EDIT: I think my necktie was too tight. Thus the lightheaded/nauseous/weak-kneed simulation of love. Go figure.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Feb. 12th, 2009

Where Sky is rent Arcadia shines
In stars above majestic pines

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Astrology in the long terms

Been thinking about dreams often again. I've started again to write down what I remember when I awake. Like Livejournal, and some other activities I used to do, it's strange to come back after a hiatus. Not sure if I'll be as active in LJ as I used to be, but I think, since this was partly intended as a dream journal anyway I shall begin posting my dreams. Some are past interpretation and long since forgotten. They are like strange stories to find again.

So this is right about where I am:

Positive reforms ***
Valid during many months: This is a time of new awakening to a sense of what your life is about. Before this time you have been working to establish your sense of who you are in the community of adults, and by now you probably have a pretty clear idea about that. But you may also have discovered that what you are doing with your life is not entirely appropriate. You may conclude that in the past you were motivated by too narrow a conception of what you are, by a need for security, or simply by petty ego-drives. Now you will begin to see your life in terms of a larger perspective. You should do whatever is necessary to make sure that you can live according to this new understanding.

More under the cut.

This influence does not arouse your sense of idealism particularly, but it does make you see that the universe is a very large place, and you are a much larger part of it than you have realized.

You may be attracted to rather mystical ideas, but they will have meaning only according to how they affect your everyday world. At this time you don't need more abstractions to chase around - you need to make positive reforms in your life. And you will do so!

This influence will cause you to cut away your past and reorient your life in accordance with the larger vision you have now. The many changes that occur may seem somewhat scary, but they are ultimately for the best. You will find new freedom in a new consciousness.

Transit selected for today (by user):
Neptune Sextile Neptune, , activity period from middle of April 2008 until beginning of February 2010

sky and sea

sky and sea, originally uploaded by Raineach.

Trip to Beavertail Point. The weather was superb for February. 57 degrees Fahrenheit!

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

More of the technology I want to see!

I already mentioned this about a year ago, but I was very excited today when I stumbled upon the "plastic-logic reader"! It's super light, operates with a touch screen and hold a ton of info. New Plastic Electronic Technology!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Hourly Comics Day 2009 Too lazy to repost all those pics.