Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mental Meanderings

Stuck in my own
ontological paradox.

What is in your head?
How do I share that which is in my own head?
All this social programming
keeps us
from reaching inside ourselves and into each other,
to stroke those waveform thoughts which make us unique.

It's semi-lucid, an arabesque of meaning and summation.
There is no
road map
to these stars
within our heads,
a great inky sheet strewn with sparkling diamonds.

And within each a burst of colors and light!
How can we share this?
with all our senses these little
into a grander scale of universe?

And here I ramble on in impotent language
writhing like a clutch of newborn garter snakes in spring
moving towards intangible heat.

Stillness comes at times, but more so
is the liquid movement
of life
in a sea of green and gold and azure.

Everyday swimming
in the glittering sea of living things,
infused with the sweet scents and pheromones
of urges
and desires
and dreams.

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