Sunday, March 4, 2012

Snow, Kittens, and Storms

1. It's a snowy day. I'm following a navy blue pickup truck and I'm driving a maroon and sporty Saturn (yeah, I know there really aren't sporty Saturns, but its a dream). The pickup has a piece of caution tape trailing off from a tie-down in the bed and I lazily reach out and grab it, thinking to pull it off, but it causes the truck to skid off the road to one side. I let go and it rides back on. I grab it again and the same effect. I'm concerned for their safety but also fascinated by the phenomenon, and I want to pull off the tape so they don't get caught on anything else. The next grab though, causes us both to spin out, them to the left, and myself to the right both into the snowbanks on the side of the road. This is on a little New England green reminiscent of my home town.

I dig my little car out of the snow and physically pick it up and put it on the road. In my mind Saturns are made of plastic and very light apparently. The pickup has four guys in it, some of mixed Native American blood, and there is a police officer pulling them over. He gets them all out and starts checking the truck for drugs. It's totally bogus, but you know he is looking for any excuse to arrest one or all of them. He does find a random excuse to bust them. I'm watching all this from another point of view and the dream ends.

2. Kittens. A mother long hair tortoise-shell is playing with each of her two kittens. They are rolling around in the mossy undergrowth. It is very cute.

3. A storm is rolling in, and everyone is very frightened. I am in my dad's garage, in the woodshop making something. Up in the rafters mice run around; the tortoise-shell cat is stalking. Thunder rumbles and vibrates the walls. The wind picks up and I move out of the garage to join friends and family in the house. There is a tension in the air - an anticipation of something. [reminds me of another dream where the sky opened up and space ships landed, or another with the coming of the apocalypse.]

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