Saturday, September 22, 2012

Equinox 2012 Miami

Ah its the equinox. Time for dreams. I hurt my back and have been very restless. I am trying to write this on my back. I am struggling with having to stay in bed.

Dream 1 I'm on an island that is set up very much like Jurassic Park... only there is a whole city of people living on it. At this time we are attempting to integrate the dinosaurs into daily living. And I mean that in the sense that they are becoming part of society... like int that tv show Dinosaurs, only less silly.
Cue scene with the frilled dinosaurs and the guy who gets spit in the face and then eaten on the stormy night. It's stormy here in Miami.
In this dream I'm fed up with my job. I have a sleek, low riding, convertible black car and I'm stuck in traffic at the end of the day in a parking garage. A crazy moment comes over me. I pull the car out of traffic and race sideways across the garage; hit a a water pipe and crack it and then slam through the side of the parking garage and out into the air... Next I'm in a a mall second floor. More elements of authority conflict and doing crazy things outside society norms then GTFO. Security, cops etc are all on m' ass.
I manage to get to secure place. Well, its peaceful and far from the city. A rural homestead where I feel safe and comfortable. I pull in at night, crawl out of my car and sleep on the grass. (I am sleeping on the floor these days) There are two houses here, one is more of a cabin but has a wrap around porch.
The next portion of the dream involves interactions with a young friend in an idyllic setting, only to have the "big bad" authority figure show up - knowing who I am and what I've done. I am subtly called out, then tricked into a corner where I must either admit guilt or blame someone I care about.
In the end, youth alcohol consumption and all, things turn out well. Somehow the authority figure has a heart of gold and lets us be.

Dream 2
Many interactions with friends. Secret love, unrequited, when you are in a relationship with another. How often this comes up as a theme. How much feeling returned and honesty with words does harm? Mostly running around a neutral yard as a setting.

Dream 3
Lana is waiting for a friend to come back - she left a jacket in their vehicle. But this vehicle is a spaceship! I am coming along to meet and I am so very excited. In a jungle grove we wait, and the actinic blue-white light of its thrusters throws everything into harsh relief. When it lands Lana opens a door and grabs out a bright orange vest and puts it on. (Its the one Marty wears in Back to the Future)
The pilot is more robot than life form. I give it a jar of some food, like sesame tahini or peanut butter - which it bites off the bottom of before I explain that the contents are edible, not the whole thing.

Gets me thinking that when we make contact with alien life - what will we do if it looks just like us?

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