Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Ghosts Again

Yet another dream of exorcism. These happen frequently, though I don't always write about them. In this dream it was in a new-to-us home, that we had to move into. It was haunted by the ghost of an Irish bartender (farmer? can't remember).

Attempts to remove any spirit by force usually don't work. They leave me weakened, or if I do succeed, left with a feeling of guilt. Instead: embracing the spirit, sending it love often has the best effect, albeit not always quickly. The icy touch of the spirit world is thrilling yet harrowing. Something within your soul is moved.

The final transformational moments before the spirit departs are quite moving. It is a very emotional process for everyone involved. I can't quite describe it, except as that moment in a movie where you've been rooting for a character the whole film and they finally have a breakthrough.

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