Sunday, January 25, 2009

Discoveries as of late

Several things have come into my awareness in recent days, and I'm beginning to sum up and reach conclusions. This new energy of existence, which Seems to come from within us is then tailored to our selves. For me, in my experiments and fascination with divination it is becoming clear that this is no longer the way to go about my life. I was beginning to feel like someone anxiously awaiting what to be told to do. That isn't really what I want. I want to be at the helm, in control of my destiny and choices. I've been wavering too much, hinging on what ifs and sorting through every possibility.

I still love astrology and find it fascinating though. The energies I've been tapping into to actively divine are my own and vary depending upon my own vibrations. So in essence the answers are coming from within, but I don't need to go about it with complexity, nor do I need to pursue active magic. It was interesting exerting my will upon the world again for a little while. I hadn't done it in so long. Most of the time things are becoming as they are with no effort or exertion on my part. They simply are.

My intentions bring about a good many things, and some of which I have been waiting for is appearing on my very doorstep. Much of my desires are being met with rapid creation. And I am tired of trying to be something for others. I am only myself and more shamelessly demand that others accept it or not. If they don't like it then we are simply not in the same vibration at the time.

And so I still wish to be boundlessly creative. I'm in love with my books, or rather what they represent- stories. Story creation is still one of my favorite things to do. I'm ravenously enjoying the creations of others too. All of my magical baubles are now just pretty treasures, and I enjoy each as if it has a flavor of its own, but they no longer exist with purpose other than just to be. I am still a incorrigible collector, and I love being surrounded by my little treasures. I admit though, that I need to clean house a bit and only keep that which still gives me joy.

The time of waiting is coming to an end... and I will make my own reality every moment.

EDIT: So what am I? I am a storyteller.

I am fascinated with things of this world and things outside of it - essentially nearly everything in nature and among the stars. (There are definitely fields I don't care much about though, I've given up on chemistry, math and ticks except in purely abstract and philosophical terms.)

and with my chosen career at present, my active Magic will have a physical outlet in the creation planning and design of physical space. That makes me happy and comforted that something that felt so apart of me will have use and purpose. It took a bit for the realization to sink in that they were not exclusive.

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