Wednesday, January 21, 2009

First day back in classes.

So I'm doing well, I suppose. I started Spanish 101 and felt completely lost. It's actually a really novel experience and I kind of like it. We're not supposed to speak any English and the teacher speaks to us in mostly all Spanish. I'm really a visual person and I think it helps to see the words written out first, so again this is a new experience. Parts of my brain I haven't used in years are now being forced to work. How neat is that?! Its like being underwater. Still I know its only the first day though, I feel I'm struggling.

Tomorrow I work out a schedule for being a secretary at the Landscape Architecture office along with a couple of other students. This will be good A) for money, and B) to give me forced time to focus and perhaps draw for my other job. (getting double pay woot!)

I volunteered to help convert a textbook that's out of print and totally unavailable anywhere into a usable pdf. (not like I really have that much free time) Not legal, but NO ONE has it. It's a private press from the 70's. Kind of like the UVM extension service book I have on Vermont plants. It would be a crime to let that information die because of publishing rights.

I also am uploading several old sketches from my 2001-2003 notebook to my sketch-art blog.

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