Friday, January 16, 2009

Snowy view

Ok, so I have been very scattered and unfocused when it comes to the internet these days and haven't been keeping up with the blogging of things. I have excuses, but I don't know if I can care enough...

Explaining will take too long, I shall sum up: Final projects were all brain consuming. I needed a lot of recoup time. I was in Maine and had no internet. I couldn't bring myself to do anything that I felt I "had" to do. I was dealing with emotional things involving feelings towards other individuals. Short daylight hours make me strange and needing lots of sleep.

But now it seems I'm making my way out. I'm looking back and saying, "gee, that was interesting." and evaluating some of the experiences. I'm making a point of not judging them good or bad, they just were.

In more recent news, the post office delivered me an empty envelope with the bottom torn off (with delivery confirmation). I'm out $40 for the book. I'm insuring things from now on, because it seems I'm not the only one who has lost mail to the automatic sorting beast that lives in Providence and doesn't answer the phone. I'm more irritated than upset. I'll just have to order another book.

The watercolor pencils Selene gave me are being put to good use, and soon shall be the paints I bought when I left for vacation. I'll be opening my etsy shop as soon as I get a few paintings done for sale.

School starts next week, and I'm excited to be learning Spanish. And I really want to go to Costa Rica, and I think I may get an internship in Vermont this summer. Things could be panning out smoothly soon.

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